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FM - Atomic Generation (CD)   

The mighty FM release their new album ATOMIC GENERATION on 30 March 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl.

FM's eleventh studio album, ATOMIC GENERATION was recorded at Coal House Studios in Staffordshire and West3 Productions, London, engineered by Scott Ralph and mixed by Jeff Knowler (Indiscreet 30, Heroes & Villains, Rockville, Metropolis).

"I think this is the most mature and complete FM album we've made" says Steve Overland.


Black Magic

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Killed By Love

In It For The Money

Golden Days

Playing Tricks On me

Make The Best Of What You Got

Follow Your Heart

Do You Love Me Enough


Love Is The Law

FM - INDISCREET 30 - CD front


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FM - Indiscreet 30 (CD)   

30 years on from its original release we have decided to record a modern-day version of our classic debut album INDISCREET. Using today's modern technology and recording techniques the songs have a new dynamic and power we couldn't achieve in the '80s. This is our interpretation of our iconic first album, played by FM as we are today with the sound of FM 2016.  

INDISCREET 30 also features seven bonus tracks including brand new song "Running On Empty" and a new recording of "Let Love Be The Leader".

RELEASE DATE: 4 November 2016 via Frontiers.

Full tracklisting:

That Girl

Other Side Of Midnight

Love Lies Dying

I Belong To The Night

American Girls  


Face To Face

Frozen Heart

Heart Of The Matter

Bonus tracks:

Let Love Be The Leader

Running On Empty

Rainbow's End

Shot In The Dark

Bad That's Good In You

Love & Hate

That Girl (Acoustic Version)

FM - INDISCREET 30 - CD front


Mal's-E: Add FM Indiscreet 30 CD to cart INDISCREET 30 Trailer

FM - Heroes and Villains (CD)   

FM's ninth studio album HEROES & VILLAINS will be released via Frontiers Records 20 April 2015 in the UK / Europe and 21 April for N. America.

"It's the AOR album of the year!" - Paul Elliott, Classic Rock magazine

"Heroes And Villains is a truly rewarding opus from the rulers of their trade." - Neil Arnold, Metal Forces magazine

"To sum Heroes And Villains up, I would say 'this is possibly one of the albums of the year - if not the decade." - Dave Prince, Uber Rock

Full tracklisting:

Digging Up The Dirt

You're The Best Thing About Me

Life Is A Highway

Fire & Rain


Call On Me

Cold Hearted

Shape I'm In

Big Brother

Somedays I Only Want To Rock & Roll

I Want You

Walking With Angels

FM - Heroes and Villains CD front


HEROES & VILLAINS EPK FM - Futurama CD front

FM - Futurama (CD)  

Monday 31 March 2014 saw the mighty FM release their monster new EP - FUTURAMA.  Featuring eleven new recordings, according to Steve Overland "Previous EPs we have released have proved to be really popular and this is our biggest and best to date!"

Full tracklisting:


Cold Hearted

Bad That's Good In You

Preying On My Mind

Tough Love (Live)

All Or Nothing (Live)

Closer To Heaven (Live)

Crosstown Train (Live)

Story Of My Life (Live)

Breathe Fire (Live)

Cold Hearted (Extended Remix)


Mal's-E: Add FM Futurama CD to cart FUTURAMA Studio Report FM - Rockville CD front

FM - Rockville (CD)

FM's highly anticipated seventh studio album, released 11 March 2013 via Membran. Including songs such as Crosstown Train, Only Foolin' and the epic ballad Story Of My Life, this album sees FM at the very top of their game.

Full tracklisting:

Tough Love

Wake Up The World

Only Foolin'


Show Me The Way

My Love Bleeds

Story Of My Life

Better Late Than Never

Crosstown Train

Goodbye Yesterday

High Cost Of Loving


Mal's-E: Add FM Rockville CD to cart "Tough Love" Video Top

FM - Rockville II (CD)

Companion album to ROCKVILLE, released 25 March 2013 via Riff City Records. Originally available as part of a two-CD package via FM's PledgeMusic campaign, the strength of demand saw to it that Rockville II received a release in its own right. With more classic FM songs from the Rockville writing sessions such as Runaway Train and Brother Take Me Home, this CD also features FM's take on "High" - originally released on the Brass Monkey album by So! - included quite simply because the band love the song.

Full tracklisting:


Bad Addiction


Desolation Station

Runaway Train

Living For The Weekend

Forever And A Day

Paradise Highway

Brother Take Me Home

Last Chance Saloon

FM - Rockville II CD front


Mal's-E: Add FM Rockville II CD to cart "High" Preview Top

FM - City Limits EP (CD)

Following the fantastic success of our WILDSIDE EP we are pleased to be able to bring you the stonking CITY LIMITS EP. This EP - featuring 9 incredible tracks - includes "Bring Back Yesterday (Radio Edit)" and a brand new song "Start It Up" (this fantastic track will only be available on the EP, it will not feature on the next FM studio album). Also included is a new stripped-down and sexy acoustic version of the FM classic "That Girl" and as if that wasn’t enough there’s more…  During the band's 2010 live activity selected shows were recorded and the EP features live recordings of "Wildside", "Hollow", "Metropolis". "Over You" and "Flamingo Road" - all from our acclaimed 2010 album METROPOLIS. Bringing up the rear is another extended mix - this time "Bring Back Yesterday" gets the Juppy knob-twiddling treatment.

Full tracklisting:
Bring Back Yesterday (Radio Edit)
Start It Up
That Girl (Acoustic Version 2010)
Wildside (Live)
Hollow (Live)
Metropolis (Live)
Over You (Live)
Flamingo Road (Live)
Bring Back Yesterday (City Limits Extended Mix)

FM City Limits EP CD front


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FM - Metropolis (CD)

The long-awaited, highly-acclaimed sixth studio album from FM, released 29th March 2010 via Riff City Records. Featuring Steve Overland - vocals & guitar ~ Merv Goldsworthy - bass ~ Pete Jupp - drums ~ Jem Davis - keyboards ~ Jim Kirkpatrick - guitar.

Full tracklisting:
Flamingo Road
Over You
Days Gone By
Bring Back Yesterday
I Ain't The One
Don't Need Nothin'
The Extra Mile
Who'll Stop The Rain
Still The Fight Goes On

FM Metropolis CD front


Mal's-E: Add FM Metropolis CD to cart "Wildside" video Top
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