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Barcelona Razzmatazz 3
FM / Electric Boys

20 November 2015

FM Tour Diary: Barcelona Razzmatazz 3 - 20 November 2015

I woke just after 7am with a rightBarcelona Sala Razzmatazz 20 Nov 2015 thirst on. I'll chance a glass of water out of the tap. No I won't, as there's no water coming out, just gurgling noises. I wait… and wait… The gurgling continues but still no water. Right, there's a Bugher King across the road, I'll go there.  I get dressed, go down, and it's closed. It doesn't open till midday. Balls. I walk to the shopping mall. That opens at 9am and it's only just after 8am… Double balls. Right, back to the hotel and a €3 bottle of Coke.

Thirst finally quenched I return to my room to find running water coming out of the taps and I spot a mini-bar in the corner… Doh! I climb back into bed and doze for an hour. We've managed to secure a late check-out so it's a 1pm meet downstairs. We meet in reception and put the cases in the trailer. We can't get into the venue till 4pm so we decide to eat back in the mall. I plump for a McDonald's, the others decide on some noodles. Lunch s over with and Jim is not happy with his choice… "Ten f***ing Euros for a sh*t Pot Noodle!" he declares.

We leave for the venue. It's Friday afternoon and traffic is heavy but we arrive just after 3.30pm. It's up three flights of stairs. Groan… There's a lift! The crew breathe a huge sigh of relief. The stage isn't the largest but with a bit of British cunning everything fits with room for the Electric Boys to set up in front. Well done team FM. Our soundcheck is another uneventful affair. We're done. Sue is happy tonight because she can sell merch without having to give all the profit away. The doors open and the club starts to fill. We're told there is nobody booked to do the lights. Marvellous… Steve C is given a crash course in lamping. Merv's wife, Leigh (Romeo's Daughter vocalist) is here and she's drafted in to assist Mr. C. The Electric Boys kick off proceedings with Steve and Leigh learning their new trade on the lights. The Electric Fellas finish to rousing applause. In twenty minutes it will be our turn.

Showtime… Our lighting dream team black out the lights, our intro tape fires up, here we go again… The crowd are going nuts, they're loving it as are we. It's a hot and sweaty affair as we once again look out over a sea of smiling faces. Steve and Leigh do us proud. Barcelona take a bow.

With the show over we head on out to the merch stand to meet the fans. There is much album signing, photos and chat. With Madrid tomorrow an eight-hour drive away in our trusty but sluggish wagon, we're breaking the back of the journey by driving a couple of hours after the show. The vehicle's loaded, we say our goodbyes to Robert our Spanish promoter and we set off for our hotel. We arrive a little after 3am. It's a budget hotel but very comfortable, another Goldsworthy winner. I set my phone alarm for 9am and it tells me I have 5hrs 30mins before it goes off. Yawn…

Night y'all…  

FM live at Barcelona Razzmatazz 20 Nov 2015 FM live at Barcelona Razzmatazz 20 Nov 2015 FM live at Barcelona Razzmatazz 20 Nov 2015