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Q&A Sessions:
Jim Kirkpatrick
Jem Davis
Merv Goldsworthy
Pete Jupp
Steve Overland

FM Q&A with Jim Kirkpatrick

Jim came up with the idea of doing Questions and Answers sessions on the site. This got a big thumbs up from the team and as a pat on the back to Jim for having such a good idea we let you give him the first grilling.  

Keep checking back for details on more Q&A sessions with the band, we’ll post info on how to send in your questions for the next victim, sorry we mean band member. So get those thinking caps on and delve into the inner psyche of the band.

Craig - Of all the songs you played at Winstanley, which one were you looking forward to playing the most and which one did you take the most satisfaction from playing? All the best, Craig.

JK - Err... Difficult one that. I really enjoy the Chris Overland stuff the most. Lots of little riffs here and there and some really cool melodic solos so maybe "Midnight" or "Face To Face". I enjoyed "Midnight"... Got a little cheer at the end of the solo. The nerves had settled a bit by that part of the gig!


Simon - So far what kind of input have you had towards the new album? Thanks, Simon.

JK - Quite a bit. There were only a few tunes in the can when I joined and a couple of those have been dropped now anyway so I’ve had some sort of input to all the new songs varying from writing a couple to just playing the solo on others. Everybody in the band gets to put their two cents into everything.


Stu - Jim, out of all FM's back catalogue which albums do you prefer to play?  STU.

JK - I love INDISCREET, a total classic. Tough It Out I think has some better tunes than INDISCREET but I personally never thought that it was as consistent. Those two are my faves but then out of the Andy Barnett era you have Aphrodisiac, totally different but equally as good.


Rich - Was interested that you played the Nighthawk throughout the Winstanley set. Is this your favourite guitar and how many other guitars / amps do you own? Cheers, Rich.

JK - Well, my Les Paul packed up a few days before the gig. I borrowed a few guitars to get me through and believe it or not the Nighthawk just sounded the best. Technically it's not mine... (but I don't intend to return it!)

Coincidentally, Steve and Andy had a couple of Nighthawks in the '90s so I used it as a bit of a nod to that too. The downside is that it's a small-bodied guitar and makes my belly look bigger than it is!

With regards to other guitars and amps... well, you asked...

Guitars -
Fender Strat (blue, 1996 USA)
Fender Strat (white, 1980s Japanese/USA mixed)
Gibson 335 (cherry red, 2004)
Gibson Les Paul (Gold Top 1954!!!  Given to me on permanent loan by Bernie Marsden)
Fender Tele (sunburst, 2006 USA)
Gretsch Duo Jet (1958!!)
Martin d28 (acoustic, 2004 USA)
Takamine EAN10C (acoustic Japanese)
Fender Squire Precision (bass, sunburst, 1980s)
Supro (resonator guitar)
Tanglewood acoustic
Maybe one or two others floating around...

Amps -
Marshall JVM410H
Fender Blues Junior
Fender Bassman
Peavey Classic 30
And usually one or two others on loan. I've owned tons of amps in the past also.


Bo - You play a Gibson guitar (or so I believe), Steve plays a Fender Strat. I can hear the difference between the two guitars as a listener. But as I'm not playing an instrument myself, I’m looking forward to hearing about the difference from the musician's point of view. Why do you play a Gibson and not a Fender? See you at Firefest VI in October. Bo Braendstrup.

JK - Hi Bo, well traditionally I am a Fender Strat player but use Gibsons when I really want to rock! The main difference between a Fender and a Gibson is the pick-ups. Gibsons usually have Humbuckers on, which give a thicker, warmer sound. Fenders usually have single coils which give a thinner sound. Steve has added a Humbucker to his Strat actually. Other than that the only differences are how the guitar looks and feels to play.


Gavin - You guys were a big influence on my writing style. Have you any plans to come to Northern Ireland again? If so can we support you? Or we can travel over to England if possible. Cheers, Gavin.

JK - Hopefully we will be crossing the water in support of the new album. With regards to supporting us... how much beer you gonna buy us?


Amy - Are you planning on releasing any singles off the album? Thanks, Amy W.

JK - There is talk of releasing a single, one track in particular has been earmarked for ages but we've recently started to look at another one. Afraid I'm keeping titles under the hat at the moment just in case it changes.


Dave - Hi Jim , welcome to the fold mate and cheers for a great show at Winstanley! OK, question, hey... You are the 'new boy' and have obviously learnt a few things about the rest of the band (and maybe a few fans/followers). What personal quirks does each of the other band members have? Good luck, Dave T. (PS I didn't mind packing your kit away after Winstanley, next time leave your cable bag out mate!)

JK - Personal quirks! Hmm... am I going to get the sack here? Err... here we go:

Steve: Just about grasping the use of text-messaging but emailing... forget it! Not an endorsee of modern technology!

Pete:  Finds my (Northern) obsession with real ale quite odd I think. But then again, he's a Southern lager drinker!

Merv:  Misses his Northern meat & potato pies!

Jem:  Covers his food with pepper (and I mean covers!!)


Tiffany - Of the new songs that have been written which is your favourite and why? Thanks, Tiffany.

JK - Well, this has changed a few times over the last few months but at the minute it's Wildside. Why? 'Cause it rocks and the guitar solo at the end is mega!!


Anon (although we suspect Dave T) - Jim have you given in yet to the pressure to 'fit in' with the rest of the band and bought a pipe and pair of slippers or felt the need to remove the bottom two buttons on your shirts?  

JK - Pipe and slippers were bought a while ago and unfortunately the buttons popped off my shirts already!!!


Lidia - Jim you are a refreshing addition to the line-up and the Winstanley show proved you are the perfect choice - have you had to adapt your natural playing style in any way as a member of FM, and have you bought any new equipment since joining the band which you may otherwise not have purchased?

JK - Not really invested in any new gear to be honest although the Marshall JVM was purchased just prior to my FM audition and proved to be the right choice.


Tom - Do you guys think you will tour with Romeo's Daughter now that both bands are up and running again? Cheers! Tom Richardson.

JK - Tom, I really have no idea. As far as I'm aware Romeo's are just doing the Firefest show with no other plans but I may be wrong. Touring with them hasn't been discussed but of course, you'll have to ask Merv that one.


Gavin - First of all it is excellent that the band are back together again and I was sorry to hear that Andy had left the band but Jim is just as good as he is. I have been a fan since the late '80s but I have never seen you live due to circumstances. My question is will you ever come to Leeds as it would be awesome if you did, especially for those in the area? Cheers, Gavin.

JK - When the band gets on the road after the album release I'd be surprised if we were not too far away from Leeds. We'll try our best!


Phil - Does the new FM album have a name yet? If so, what is it? Phil F.

JK - The album does have a title... Not sure I can give it away yet though... Sorry.


Barry - If money was no object which bit of gear would you buy? Cheers, Barry.

JK - Ooh... tough question. Probably a nice vintage Les Paul and a Mesa rig.


Peter - Do you think your style of playing will change now you're in FM?  Peter.

JK - Playing in FM certainly makes me play in a different way to playing with Bernie Marsden's blues band for example but it still sounds like me!


Compiled July 2009

Photo - Jim live at Belfast Odyssey Arena 12 June 2011
Used with kind permission of Paul Verner

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