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Rogues' Gallery
Class of '86


In 1986…

Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter was born
Phil Lynott, lead singer and bassist in Thin Lizzy died.  RIP brother
Ronald Reagan was President of the USA
Top Gun was top-grossing film
Maggie Thatcher was Prime Minister in the UK
Gary Lineker became the most expensive British footballer  
in a £2.75million move from Everton to Barcelona
Wham! split up
Spain and Portugal joined the EEC
The M25 London Orbital was completed
Richard Branson broke the world record for the fastest crossing  
of the Atlantic on the 72ft powerboat Virgin Challenger II
Argentina won the World Cup in Mexico
The Soviet Union launched the MIR Space Station
The Internet Mail Access Protocol was defined, paving the way for email
UK and France announced plans to construct the Channel Tunnel
Petrol was 38.2p a litre - about £1.74 per gallon
The Ford Escort was the top-selling car in the UK
The average UK house could be bought for less than £40,000
The average UK salary was £12,615

and on September 8th 1986…

The Oprah Winfrey show made its début across America
#1 in the US charts was Berlin’s "Take My Breath Away”"
Communards were #1 in the UK with "Don’t Leave Me This Way"



On September 8th 1986 our first album INDISCREET was released. Recording started in the hedonistic atmosphere of Ibiza and finished in the more earthy surroundings of Wood Green, North London. Who would have thought back then that in 2010 Planet Rock listeners would vote "Frozen Heart" one of the greatest AOR songs of all time? 25 years have passed but the songs from INDISCREET still hold a special place in all our hearts.

Ever since our triumphant return at Firefest IV in 2007 we have been bowled over by the love and dedication shown by our fans old and new. Let's face it, we were only meant to do that one show and look at us now in 2011 - two songs playlisted on the BBC's Radio 2 (the station has the largest listenership in Europe); METROPOLIS released in 2010 and so well-received by fans and critics alike; two appearances at Download; throw in two more major European festivals at Sweden Rock and Graspop along with other European dates; some shows with Journey, Foreigner and Thin Lizzy and not forgetting our own headline shows in the UK and mainland Europe.  

This momentum shows no sign of abating with our follow-up to METROPOLIS nearing completion for release in 2013.

It is only fitting that we mark such an important day in FM history with something special, so we're excited to announce the launch of "INDISCREET 25LIVE". For the next 12 months we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the release of INDISCREET with competitions and much more. This dedicated "Indiscreet 25Live" page is the place to congregate for all the latest INDISCREET-related news and to share memories. Check out photos from our archive, send us your own Indiscreet-era photos and reminisce in our Indiscreet 25Live Guestbook.

To kick off our celebrations in style check out our new Indiscreet 25Live T-shirts which are available to purchase in our webshop. Congratulations to Iain Sloan and Corinna Kunde who each won one of the new T-shirts in our inaugural Indiscreet 25Live competition.

To see more Indiscreet-era photos from the FM archives please head over to our Rogues' Gallery page. Once you’ve admired our fashionable attire and lovely hairstyles why not join in the fun and send in a photo for our Class of '86 gallery?

17 October 2011  Speculation has been rife…

"Why does it say '25Live' everywhere?" we've heard you ask over the last few weeks. Well… hold on to your hats!!!  

We're excited to announce that we will be taking INDISCREET out on the road in 2012 -  

March 08 - Glasgow Cathouse
March 09 - Manchester Academy 3
March 10 - London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Tickets go on general sale from Friday October 21 2011. Please see our Live Page for booking info for these dates.  

Yes, for the first time ever we will be performing our début album INDISCREET live on stage in its entirety as part of a full concert. We really do intend for these shows to be very special indeed. Come and be transported back to a time when shoulder pads and mobile phones were enormous and hair was even bigger!!!