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Rogues' Gallery
Class of '86


Competition 3:  Win one of 5 signed copies of our new DVD “LIVE IN EUROPE”

Closing date March 6th 2012

To enter the competition please head over to our News page and complete the sentence “The reason I should win a copy of the new FM DVD “LIVE IN EUROPE” is…”

We will pick our 5 favourite replies from all entries received and the winners will be notified by email soon after the closing date.

This competition is now closed.

Congratulations to winners Alexander Yakunin, Campbell Patrick, Steven Simcock, Glynn Lowrie and Paul Groom

Competition 2:  Win Firefest Goodies

Closing date December 7th 2011

1st Prize - Pete Jupp’s official Firefest 2009 jacket plus FM-signed Firefest 2009 programme.
2nd Prize - Pair of Pete Jupp’s drumsticks from Firefest 2009 plus FM-signed Firefest 2009 programme.
3 x Runners-up Prizes - FM-signed Firefest 2009 programme.

Q1:  In what year did Firefest maestro Kieran Dargan finally persuade us to reform to headline the festival?
A1:  2007

Q2:  We were joined onstage at Firefest 2009 by a motley crew of backing singers.  Which song did we all perform to close the festival that year?
A2:  Prince’s “Purple Rain”

This competition is now closed.

Congratulations to winners Lee Giles, Steve Stewart, Rich Manley, Steve Fortey and Andrew Ashbridge

Competition 1:  Win Indiscreet 25Live T-shirts

Closing date September 30th 2011

Q1:  In which 2 countries did we record our début album INDISCREET?
A1:  Spain and England/UK

Q2:  In which country did we film the That Girl video?
A2:  Jamaica

This competition is now closed.

Congratulations to competition winners Iain Sloan and Corinna Kunde