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Bingley Arts Centre
FM / Vega / Serpentine

18 March 2013

FM Tour Diary: Bingley Arts Centre - 18 March 2013

We checked out of possibly our last ever Travelodge at midday and had a spot of lunch in the now 5-sStar FM accredited Potts Pie Shop. The bus is filled with diesel and we set off for Bingley, about an hour and a half away. Tonight's show is being promoted by our old tour manager and good friend Steve Waite aka "Waitey". We arrive at the venue and it's an absolute cracking place, great sized stage and the facilities are top notch. The gear is ready for action when we arrive, it's just getting miked and we'll be ready for soundcheck. I take the opportunity to have a faff with the drums. I know I keep on about it but I'm so happy with this kit, it's definitely the best I've ever had, I'm a very lucky boy indeed. We soundcheck and after the previous two nights' problems we're back on track… it's sounding great. We have a very special surprise guest tonight - that someone being none other than Didge Digital. Didge is getting up to play Other Side of Midnight with us.

It's sadly Serpentines last show with us tonight. They really are a lovely bunch of people and a cracking band so make sure you check them out. We have some VIP Pledgers with us again and I go to introduce myself and have a chat.

Tonight's culinary choice is the Pizza Hut across from the venue. A couple of the Pledgers are there so I join them. I order a regular pan vegetarian hot without the peppers but added beef for anyone interested. We have a great chat on a variety of subjects from the recent reformed Quo shows, which everyone is saying are incredible, to prostrate cancer (gents get it checked a simple blood test could save your life). The guys even insist on paying for my meal which is so very kind and they're not taking no for an answer so fellas thanks once again for your generosity.  

Back to the venue… I find the shower and return smelling sweetly of strawberries after borrowing Merv's shower gel. Showtime is fast approaching so I get changed and spend some time reminiscing with Didge on some of the antics we used to get up to back in the day. All are unrepeatable as this is a family show :-)

We head down to the stage… the house lights go down… the theme to "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" blares out… there's no turning back now…

Sh*t my in-ear headphones aren't working. As we use some sequenced stuff triggering drum loops, special effects etc. I need a click track in my ear to keep it all together. "What shall I do?" l think… I know, panic, that'll help… I get it working just in the nick of time. Phew! It's thrown me off my stride a bit and just as I'm settling I notice my remote hi-hat has dropped… I'm having trouble attracting a crew member's attention. Luckily Chris spots my plight and rectified the problem very quickly but unfortunately it's unsettled me again and I give the kit some serious welly to vent my frustrations. Everyone apart from the moody drummer seems much happier tonight. It's another great crowd in fine voice. We welcome Didge, resplendent with white Keytar and flashing green glasses to the stage during our encores. A fine end to proceedings. We head down to the merch stand as usual to meet fans, sign things and have photos done.

It's then a short drive to Halifax where we're staying for the next few days. I'm sharing with Jick again. Jick seems to have a serious pillow obsession, I've just counted six on his bed. I'm pretty tired so I'm tucked up nice and early compared to the previous nights…

FM in Morecambe 18 March 2013 FM in Halifax 18 March 2013 - Jick's bed FM March 2013 tour - team pic - Bingley 18Mar2013