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Birmingham HMV Institute
Thin Lizzy / FM / The Treatment

11 December 2012

FM Tour Diary: Birmingham HMV Institute - 11 December 2012

Our day off yesterday was spent in Tunstall finishing off the deluxe album at Summer Bank Studios. It was a good productive session with Jim doing guitar solos and Mr. Overland even fitting in a lead vocal. The deluxe album really is shaping up to be an absolute cracking record, 10 brand new studio tracks all killer no filler :-) check out our PledgeMusic campaign and order your copy now. Right, album plugging over, back to today - our last show on our dates with Thin Lizzy…

We stayed in Newcastle (Under Lyme) overnight and I meet Merv and Steve C in reception at 12pm.  We leave and head out to join the M6 which will take us to Birmingham, today's destination. It's another cold but sunny, clear day. We've been pretty lucky with the weather on this tour, just a bit of snow in Middlesbrough and even that wasn't too bad. The notorious M6 appears to be behaving itself and we're making good time. As we approach Birmingham it begins to get a little foggy but nothing serious. We arrive in Birmingham and find the venue with no problems at just before 1.30pm. It's a freezing cold day in Birmingham and it's not much warmer in the venue to be honest, Middlesbrough revisited.  

We've done loads of shows in Birmingham over the years but we've never done this venue before, it's an old theatre and apart from the lack of heat its great. We head into the catering room and have a bite to eat. Lizzy are ready and are beginning their soundcheck. Once they've finished we have a group photo of all three bands and crew on the stage. Photo session over and our gear goes up for the last time on this particular tour. We're having tonight filmed again and the film crew are meant to be filming the soundcheck but they've gone to the wrong venue. You can't beat a bit of disorganisation. We've got more VIP guests joining us tonight and we have a good chat and take some photos.  

The soundcheck goes without any problems again, we're getting the hang of this! The film crew have finally found where we are and are getting the camera gear in. I adjourn to the dressing room, which is beginning to feel a bit warmer at least. The Treatment have just gone on stage for the final time this tour. They really are a lovely bunch of lads and a fine band. A huge big-up goes out to Jen, their merchandise girl who has been doing our merch for us. Jen you're a darling, thank you!

Right it's into the stage gear quite probably for the last time in 2012… up to the side of the stage, the lights go down, The Pink Panther takes a final bow and we take to the stage one last time on this Thin Lizzy tour. We're going down well but we were so spoilt at Liverpool and Nottingham that the Brum audience seem a little more subdued. Maybe they were still thawing out, after all it's perishing outside. But by the end of the set we've got them, they've got into it.

We leave the stage, that's it, end of a very successful tour. Scott, Brian, Darren, Ricky, Marco and Damon thanks for having us and making us feel so welcome, you guys are an amazing band. Good luck in the future. To all the Lizzy crew thanks for all your help you were fantastic. Mr Phil Docherty - I'll hopefully catch up with you in Dublin over Christmas. Last but not least a huge thank you to our crew Richard, Steve C, John, Phil and Woody for setting it up and taking it down every night.

That's it the end of another chapter but we'll be starting another one with Rockville coming your way in early 2013.

Be lucky, safe and healthy…

FM - Jim Kirkpatrick and those lovely Peaveys FM - Steve Overland soundchecks in chilly Birmingham 11 Dec 2012 Thin Lizzy / FM / The Treatment - team photo - last night of tour - 11 Dec 2012 - by Al Barrow

'Last night of tour' team photo used with kind permission
of Al Barrow.  All rights reserved.