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Bristol Colston Hall
Thin Lizzy / FM / The Treatment

4 December 2012

FM Tour Diary: Bristol Colston Hall - 4 December 2012

We've got a long drive ahead of us today, Stansted to Bristol - 170 miles. Meeting in the lobby at 11am for an 11.30 departure. I shared with Rich last night and we headed into Costa for the usual. The bus is loaded and we leave right on schedule. Next stop Bristol. At least the weather is pretty good which is helpful. The drive, although long, is uneventful and at our steady 62 mph we arrive at just before 3pm.

Lizzy have either already soundchecked or they're not bothering today as the stage is ready for us to get our gear straight on. Soundcheck goes without a hitch. Today is also the first of our PledgeMusic VIP packages and we had the pleasure of meeting Phil and Ryan at our soundcheck. We had a good chat, took photos. Hope they enjoyed meeting us as much as we did them, they were lovely fellas.

We leave the venue in search of food. As we're leaving the gig I get chatting to Lizzy's merch guy and lose sight of the boys. I try to find them and fail but I end up in a rather nice little Italian Restaurant called Ciao. I order bruschetta and some spaghetti bolognaise. It turned up piping hot and was very good indeed.

Just as I was finishing I got a call from Steve C saying our good friend Andy Fox had arrived to do an interview. I told him I'd be back in five. We hooked up with Andy. Steve, Merv and I settled down for a chat which descended into the usual mayhem. You might need to do a bit of editing before it goes out Andy  :-)

When we're done with Andy I have to dash off to meet another journo for a Bristol-based magazine. It's all go today I can tell you. I get back to our dressing room at 8pm so it's a swift change into the stage gear for our 8.20 start. The intro fires up… hang on… we're short of a singer! Steve's missing… I dash to the dressing room and retrieve him. The intro tape is pretty short, it's a close call but we make it… just.

We're right in the groove now and loving it, we have the full 40 minutes tonight and it flies past. It's another cracker, well done lads.

We're going to try to make a quick getaway tonight as it's another marathon drive, to Middlesbrough. We're stopping off in Altrincham tonight as a midway point. Even that will clock-in at 170 miles so it will be a good three-hour drive. Oh joy of joys. The weather has been behaving itself until we get on the M6 and then the rain starts - nothing torrential, just a minor annoyance, nothing more. We arrive in Altrincham at around 1.45am. Everyone is going to meet in the bar but I'm straight to bed again… I must be getting old.

FM and their trusty tour bus FM with VIP Pledgers Phil & Ryan at Bristol Colston Hall 04 Dec 2012

Photos courtesy of PJ