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Millennium Music Hall - Cardiff

8 July 2010

FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 FM Cardiff 08 July 2010

1) New guitar tech Phil Broder was at hand and did a sterling job making Stiv and I feel at ease with our gear...

2) With the exception of my blimmin' wireless system that wouldn't work!!

3) It was very hot during the gig!

4) Maybe that's because I was wearing a leather jacket... durrr!

5) My uncle and his wife turned up to see us. I think my uncle was slightly bemused by it all... then again, he thinks that the Shadows are cutting edge (only kidding Roger)!!

6) The audience were great and very enthusiastic... must be a Celtic thing 'cause Glasgow was the same. In fact, I think the Glaswegians must have thought that the Beatles were on stage.

7) We had to drive to London after the gig :(

It was a great gig and we met up with some great folks. Hopefully we'll see you all again in the New Year.


FM Cardiff 08 July 2010 by Marty Moffatt

Cardiff was our first gig since the Download festival and it felt great to be getting back on stage with the boys after only a short break. Things are starting to fall into place a little easier now when we gig and it's all starting to become a little more natural to us. After a run of gigs they do start to merge into one a little so I'll list my main memories... in the order that they happened... sort of!!  

Cardiff photos courtesy of Marty Moffatt

FM Tour Diary: Cardiff Millennium Music Hall - 8 July 2010 - Jim Kirkpatrick