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Pete's Europe Tour Blog

Kerkrade Rock Temple  (Part 2)
23 June 2011

FM Tour Diary: Kerkrade Rock Temple - 23 June 2011  (Part 2)

Thursday June 23rd 2011 continued...

It's weird, we're in Holland and some members of our entourage have all of a sudden seemed to develop a real penchant for coffee.  They keep disappearing off to local coffee shops and come back really happy.  It must be really great coffee over here, I must try some but it seems to give you the munchies.  Talking of food we're up in the catering room waiting for our dinner, a Chinese buffet apparently which sounds absolutely perfect to me.  It makes a change from pizza let me tell you.  The food arrives and it's back of the net time on the Chinese front, very good nosebag 10/10.  Two hours to showtime so I'd better start considering shower time.  Hold that thought... the Satanic Viking and myself have got an interview first.  Interview taken care of it's time to jump in the old Robin Trower.  I emerge fragrant and squeaky clean.  It's about 30 minutes to showtime, I rummage through my bag and find a nice sparkly little number to wear.  

9pm, the lights go down, it's that time again, rock o' clock.  The crowd are up for it.  It sounds good from where I'm sat.  I get the knowing nods and winks from the other guys, all is well on stage.  The show passes without any hitches, another goodie under our belts. We're doing a meet and greet so it's back out into the venue.  We meet some great people - Katy and Mark we'll see you guys tomorrow at Graspop.  We're first band on tomorrow, on the Main Stage at 11.30am. What sort of time do you call that?  I always thought we belonged to the night... well not in Belgium we don't. We say our farewells to the good people in the Rock Temple, board the vehicles and head for Belgium.  It's only an hour's journey.  We find the hotel and get checked in.  

We're leaving at 8am sharp tomorrow, we're all pretty tired from today's early start and it's just after 1am so what do we do?  We of course head to a bar across the road for a nightcap or two, what are we like?  We meet a couple of Swedish guys who are going to the festival tomorrow, lovely fellas.  They assure us they'll be down the front tomorrow... we'll see.  It's after 2 in the morning , we retire back to the hotel bleary-eyed.  I decide to finish today's blog before going to sleep, now that's dedication for you.  We've actually travelled to three countries so far today, that could be the reason I'm feeling pretty knackered.

It's 2.51am.  Until tomorrow you good sweet people...

FM - Kerkrade - 23 Jun 2011 - Charlie & Richard FM - Kerkrade - 23 Jun 2011 - Jim FM - Kerkrade - 23 Jun 2011 - Merv FM live on stage at the Rock Temple in Kerkrade - 23 June 2011 FM - Kerkrade - 23 Jun 2011 - after show