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Nuneaton Queens Hall
FM / It Bites / Vega

22 March 2013

FM Tour Diary: Nuneaton Queens Hall - 22 March 2013

Another 9.30am wake up and Jick and I decide to track down a Costa. Result, there's one in the hotel. Not a proper one just a machine but it's bitterly cold outside and we're a couple of wimps so it'll do the trick. We're leaving at midday for Nuneaton and I'm fairly certain I've never been there in my life. The weather doesn't appear to be as bad as the forecasters were predicting and the roads are fine. The notorious M6 is clear but we still opt for the Toll just to be on the safe side.

We rock up at the Queens Hall just after 2pm. Richard has warned us that the PA spec is a little dodgy but in Rich we trust, let me tell you the man is a genius on those Darth Vaders. We have more VIP Pledgers joining us and I go and say hi to them all.

It's another intimate venue but it'll do the job. Richard has been struggling a bit with the desk but he thinks he's got it working.

We're in the middle of our soundcheck and it's sounding pretty good until Mr O's mic gives up the ghost and a rather large hum appears in the monitors. After 15 minutes trying to rectify the problem it's obvious the desk is beyond repair. Chris our guitar tech is on the case… he has sourced another desk from a local company and it should be here in 20 minutes. It arrives,  everyone pulls together despite a few fraught moments… the gig is saved. Mucho respect to everyone involved.

I decide to check out what Nuneaton has to offer. I venture out but it's freezing cold and snowing so I head straight back in again. Next time Nuneaton. We have a rather splendid vantage point just outside our dressing room overlooking the venue and stage, Vega are on so I watch their show, very good it was too boys. Sweet. I do the same when It Bites are on and they are their usual majestic selves.

That means it's time to get ready for our show. As with the previous six shows we gather side-stage awaiting the house lights to go down. When they finally do we hear a big cheer, this always gets the adrenaline pumping and the cast of "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" burst into song on our intro tape. I ease my way behind the kit… the place is packed it's going to be another hot and sweaty one. Despite all the earlier problems it's sounding pretty good on stage.  The crowd are singing their hearts out, the boys are smiling, all is well. It's another great gig. I didn't know it before but I do now… Nuneaton rocks.

We're staying in Hemel Hempstead tonight in hopefully our last ever Travelodge. Premier Inns have the big thumbs up from band and crew. We leave the venue and walk out into a winter wonderland. It's been snowing fairly heavily and still is, and it's settled. Driving conditions are not ideal but with JD behind the wheel we battle through and arrive safely in Hemel Hempstead about 2am. I'm quite tired and despite there being an open bar I opt for bed instead… I must be getting old.  

FM - Nuneaton 22 March 2013 - soundcheck FM - Nuneaton 22 March 2013 - the wonderful Jickster looks after our merchandise stand FM - Nuneaton 22 March 2013 - Jo our keys tech gives Pete's drumkit a try out FM - Nuneaton 22 March 2013 - lots of lovely snow for our drive to Hemel Hempstead FM meet up with VIP Pledgers - Nuneaton 22 March 2013