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Stuttgart Universum
FM / Electric Boys

24 November 2015

FM Tour Diary: Stuttgart Universum - 24 November 2015

I wake up at 8.15am, get up, shower, grab Stuttgart Club Universummy rucksack and head to a nearby cafe for dos cafe con leche. We're leaving at 9.30am for Barcelona Airport. Setting off in two taxis we rock up at the Airport. Through security and we go in search of food. It doesn't take long as there is only one outlet, and to say it's average is being hugely complimentary. Mr O has a chicken, mozzarella and pineapple baguette. It gets a big one-word thumbs down from our singer - "Shit". I decide on a muffin that appears to have cornflakes stuck to it. It does have cornflakes stuck to it, stale cornflakes. After a disappointing brunch we board our flight.

We're flying into France, Basel-Mulhouse-Breathtaking scenery flying into Germany Frieburg Airport near the German border. We take off on time. It's a picturesque affair over I think the Alps but don't quote me on that one, I'm a drummer not Geography expert. It's a smooth flight. We land and queue at passport control. The French are understandingly being extra vigilant. I've no problem with that. The crew boys and girl meet us. We're off, next stop Stuttgart. A short drive to the French border and over into Germany. After our culinary disappointment at Barcelona we stop at a services and raise the bar - but only very slightly - with a Burger King. It's been a few weeks of very unhealthy eating and I'm feeling the effects, my expanding waistline is testament to it. When I get home I'm going to try no carbs until Christmas… well, after a curry of course. Dusk is beginning to fall. There's another 45 miles to go. We hit rush hour traffic coming into Stuttgart but finally arrive just before 5.45pm. It's all a bit of a rush thanks to those clowns at Vueling Airlines but we get the doors pushed back 30 minutes and the Electric Boys get a soundcheck.

It's definitely a bit chillier here in GermanFM live at Stuttgart Universum 24 Nov 2015y. It's another venue without a lampy so Steve C picks up where he left off in Barcelona Razzmatazz and gets back in the swing by firstly doing the Electric Boys. They finish up and with the usual 30-minute change over it's our turn. Mr Church dims the lights and the intro bursts into life through the PA. We're up and running. The show finishes and as usual we head out to the merch stand and meet everyone.

We're staying in Frankfurt tonight at our favourite hotel of the tour again. It's about a three hour drive away and we're on our way by 12.15am. We stop for a driver change and comfort break. It's snowing. We finally arrive in Frankfurt and check-in at the hotel just after 3am. Rich and I walk into our luxurious room. Shame we'll only get the benefit for a short time as we have a 10am leave for our projected 6-hour trip to Holland.