Firefest 2007 logo Firefest 2007 Meet & Greet

Firefest 2007
Rock City - Nottingham

27 October 2007

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FM Diary: Firefest IV - Nottingham Rock City - 27 Oct 2007 - Andy Barnett

I am writing this with a straw held in my lips, through my new Hannibal Lecter mask, inside a straitjacket, inside a padded cell, inside a sanatorium, somewhere where Rock is not known… the Isle of Mull maybe, or Clacton-on-Sea… who knows?

It all started 9 months or a year ago, it's a blur. Monday night 10pm-ish I’m dancing round the front room after a pint or two as you do and the phone rings, landline that is! It must be a bank or double-glazers or… no, it cant be… it's Merv!!!!

"Andy, what y’doin?” he says (at first I thought he could see me).  

“Nothing, Merv”

“We're back Andy, we're back” says Merv.

More blur with gig info, Fireman's Festival in Notts was what I heard through the blubbing I was issuing. Anyway I thought it would be safe to try it again after the cold turkey of 12 long years… just the one, it wont hurt, I can handle it, then quit… easy… but no, the gig was… Awesome… a word normally left to Aussie tennis players or septic actors but it WAS… The songs were sung before we could play them. I cried all the way through the first four at how incredible it felt to do what I was put on this planet for, with blokes who could not deserve it more, who slipped into the old routine on and off the stage (so important for sanity).

So I will dribble down my front and giggle at the wall till the next one, thanks so much everybody, promoters, crew, my mates and adoring public. Thank you.

Andy D Barnett (International Rock Star)