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Cergy Pacific Rock
FM / Electric Boys

28 November 2015

FM Tour Diary: Cergy Pacific Rock - 28 November 2015

Last day on this leg of our HeroFM logo - French flages and Villains European Tour. Tonight we're in Cergy which is for all intents and purposes, Paris. Breakfast is included at the hotel so we meet in the restaurant. It's a midday leave. With the bus loaded we hit the road and it's a lovely sunny day.

We arrive at Pacific Rock just before 4pm. It's cosy. I'm playing behind a perspex screen which is a first. Like HamFM at Pacific Rock Cergy Franceburg, tonight it's kit sharing time again. The mixing desk is side-stage, not out front, which is not ideal but James gets on with it and we're ready to soundcheck.

I climb inside my perspex fish tank. It's not as weird as I thought it would be, I think it's actually stranger for the other guys. DFM drum kit behind perspex screenue to the the unusual circumstances soundcheck takes a little longer than usual but it's all good. Jem is getting up with the Electric Boys tonight to play "Electrified" so they have a run through at soundcheck.

Doors open at 8pm and the venue soon fills up. It's going to be a hot and sweaty night. The Electric Boys fire up and Jem joins them for a rousing rendition of "Electrified". Nice one Jemster. Showtime is fast approaching…

So for one last time on thFM soundcheck at Cergy Pacific Rock. Photo by Pacific Rockis leg the lights black out as our intro blasts into life. It's ok there in my perspex aquarium, a little strange but not as weird as I'd envisaged. The club is rammed. After the tragedy in Paris a couple of weeks ago it's heartwarming to see so many people. Our show comes to an end, we get dried off and make our way to the merch stand.

After half an hour or so of signing, cAudience at Cergy Pacific Rockhatting and photos the club owner lines up a row of shots for ourselves and the Electric Boys. We toast a successful tour. Another dozen or so shots are lined up. Ah well, if you insist… After each toast the line is replenished. I have about four and the white flag comes out. We say farewell to the Electric Boys. They've been so great, a fantastic bunch of lads. Hopefully we can do it again sometime. Safe trip home back to Sweden.

We say goodbye to the venue owners and thank them for their hospitality. Our hotel is close to the venue. We check-in and James and I join Mr O, Ian and Sue in Jim's room for a last beer. A huge shout-out goes to Merv and Steve Strange for booking and organising this tour…

Here's to the next one.