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Vosselaar Biebob
FM / Electric Boys

27 November 2015

FM Tour Diary: Vosselaar Biebob - 27 November 2015

My alarm goes off at 10.15aRich and James - FM Sound Engineersm. Due to prior work commitments Richard has to leave the tour today. James is flying into Eindhoven about 11am. Rich and I have arranged to meet him in Starbucks when he lands. It all goes to plan and we're sat sipping our coffees, or tea in James' case, around 11.20am. We are absolutely blessed to have two such great sound engineers with us in team FM. We have a team photo taken by the bus (just Ian is AWOL) and we say our goodbyes to Richard. We'll see him again for the next leg in January. He's flying out about 4pm today. Safe trip. Vosselaar Biebob

It's only about a 40-minute drive and we arrive in at the Biebob in Vossellar around 2pm. We last played here in the early '90s, it's nice to be back. Load-in and soundcheck go smoothly until my snare head goes pop. It's no biggie, we were done. I change it for a new one. Sorted. I head out with Sue for some food. We have a look at few a different places and plump for a deli. Pasta with meatballs, some bread and pate. Very delicious, good choice.

Doors open. It's soon time for the Electric Boys to do their stuff. They spent the day off in Amsterdam and from their glazed expressions they appear to have had a rather good time. Good on you fellas. Despite tJem Davis FM live at Vosselaar Biebob 27 Nov 2015he hangovers they do the business as usual. Right, 20 years or so on it's our turn. We have our good friend Ronnie on the lights tonight and as usual he does the absolute biz. The onstage sound is great. Let it be noted tonight is the first night that Jim Kirkpatrick tried "in ear" monitoring. He loves it.

It's a great penultimate gig and so gooFM live at Vosselaar Biebob 27 Nov 2015d to be back at the Biebob. As per usual we go out to meet the fans. A perfect end to a great night. We're staying about 80 miles away so we load up and let those wagons roll. We arrive at the hotel and I'm in the room with my roomie James by 2am… Sweet.

The audience at Vosselaar Biebob 27 Nov 2015 FM band and crew on tour Europe Nov 2015