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Glasgow Cathouse

8 March 2012

FM Indiscreet 25 Live - Glasgow Cathouse - 8 March 2012

25 years (and a bit) ago our début INDISCREET was unleashed onto the unsuspecting public and here we are today heading for Glasgow to celebrate that fact with the first of our "25 Live" shows. We're playing the album in its entirety, some songs we haven't played live for probably 20 years or more, and with Love Lies Dying, tonight it will receive its live début.

Today started as any normal weekday with the school run but that was to be the end of any normality for the next 3 days. Straight afterwards I headed for South Ealing tube station where I met Steve O and Jim K. We're flying up to Glasgow and the 10am meet at LHR T5 is far more civilised than some of the daft o'clock starts we had last summer. 4.30am for Sweden Rock was particularly grim. With an uneventful tube journey under our belts we arrive just before 10am and meet up with the rest of the guys. Through security, no dramas there, and into Giraffe for a bit of morning sustenance. After watching what I ate for a month I rewarded myself with a rather splendid cooked breakfast washed down with a large coffee. The flight is on time, we have a gate, a good start to proceedings. Jim is a nervous flyer so this part of the day is never top of his list bless him. We push away from the gate on time but then get held up on the runway for about 15 minutes.

We arrive in a rather overcast Glasgow about 1.30pm. Luckily we're here to rock you guys, not sunbathe. Richard our sound guy is here to pick us up, we pile in the minibus and it's off to the Cathouse. We arrive and the crew are there loading the gear in. There are 4 hellish flights of stairs, luckily the crew are lithe, fit adonis-type specimens and 4 flights of stairs hold no fear for them... Actually that last sentence is a complete fabrication, total fantasy and to be honest the load-in is a bit of an arse-ache but our boys battle on with no complaints. Good work fellas. The gear gets set up and it's soundcheck time for us. All goes smoothly and we're done in good time. Romeo's Daughter get their soundcheck and all's good.

Doors open and the gig is filling up nicely as the Romeos hit the stage. I wander out to the sound desk to watch the band go through their paces. Sounding good RD. Back in the dressing room I get changed into my stage attire, a sparkly little number tonight with some black slacks methinks. We're on at 8.45pm and it is fast approaching. Our new intro tape gets its first airing, Glasgow roars... it's showtime!

As always the passionate Scots are there with us from the off. As a band, especially on an opening night with all the adrenaline pumping, it's hard sometimes to keep things steady, and being the drummer it's my job to count things in, set the tempo, doing the whole keeping-things-steady thing. My approach is count stuff in slower than you think and it's normally about right. Let me tell you, if I counted songs in at the tempo of how I'm feeling behind the kit, the gig would be over in about 20 minutes.  :-)  The show goes without any major hitches and we're all very happy with the pacing of the set. The Scottish crowd, as usual, go nuts singing their hearts out. I have to say the first verse of Frozen Heart sounds fantastic sung with a Scottish accent.  :-)

Aftershow we had our Meet & Greet session. Great seeing some old and new faces. We met two lovely young ladies who were 2 when INDISCREET came out, and another who was born in 1986. How old does that make you feel? Answer - very! Lovely meeting them. Big up to Glasgow, we'll be back! We drove to Lancaster aftershow which is a good 3-hour drive. We arrived at the hotel about 3.30am and - after having to go down to get some bedding for my bed??? - I hit the hay at 3.50am. I think I'm right in saying a good day and night was had by all.

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Glasgow Cathouse live shots by Little Linda at Mayfair Mall