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Manchester Academy 2
9 March 2012

FM Indiscreet 25 Live - Manchester Academy 2 - 9 March 2012

Woke up about 8am, tried to get back to sleep, couldn't, balls. Sharing with Richard, our sound man. Rich is also driving us, he'd had a long day and I didn't want to disturb him by getting up so I lay there and probably dozed a bit but not so I noticed. Rich woke about 10.30am, we got ready and went in search of caffeine-filled beverages. We got on the road to Manchester about 12.30pm. An easy drive into the City of Manchester.  

The crew are here, the gear is going in. Wow, what a fine venue. It's a sell-out, I'm thinking tonight could be rather special. Soundcheck goes without a hitch, all sounding good. The Deborah Bonham Band is going to join us and Romeo's Daughter this evening and we also have a very special guest joining us tonight. Didge is coming along to play Heart of the Matter with us. How cool is that? Upstairs in the dressing room we have a mass Live In Europe DVD signing session. Old friend and Planet Rock Radio brekkie presenter Paul Anthony pops in to say hello. Showtime approaches, we're changed and ready to go.

There are over 800 FM fanatics in the building tonight. The lights go down and a huge cheer goes up, this is going to be great. The packed crowd is going nuts, it's a sea of smiling faces. We finish Frozen Heart and Didge is introduced, the place erupts. Didge walks on, resplendent in green shades which then begin flashing, brilliant! Both Didge and Jem are out front on their keytars. We're loving it and so are the audience. Thanks Didge, it was great playing with you again, top stuff. The crowd sing and dance the night away, another winner. Manchester thanks for a great evening.  

We're staying in High Wycombe tonight which should be about two and a half hours travel time... unfortunately those helpful chaps at the Highways Agency have decided to close the M6 through Stafford so it's A-road hell for miles. We finally arrive at the hotel at 5.15am all pretty exhausted, especially Richard who was doing the driving.

Photos by The MOH
Live shot by Ian Parry

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